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Excerpt from the novel 'The Raavan Key (Drumatulya Trilogy 1)'

 Excerpt from the novel 'The Raavan Key (Drumatulya Trilogy 1)' INTRODUCTION 27 th  January 2019, Bareilly Kartik, a rich NRI businessman, arrived in Bareilly, India from the USA along with his wife and children. He had come to attend the wedding of his niece Indu, the daughter of his cousin, Harish bhaisaab. Everything went fine for the first two days. On the day of the wedding, he went to visit the Pashupati Nath temple in the morning but didn’t return. He went missing mysteriously. Harish bhaisaab hired detective Ajay – the best detective in Bareilly – to solve the case, as Inspector Rana suspected the involvement of the most dreaded crime syndicate of Europe in the disappearance. Upon investigation, Ajay found Kartik’s diary. He knew that it was an important clue, as Kartik was writing in it for a month just before he went missing under strange circumstances. As expected, Ajay found valuable information in the diary. His sixth sense told him that the information could prove