Author Interview - Pravin Agarwal

Authors Interview – Pravin Agarwal

Shivangi:- First of all I would like to congratulate you. The title seems to be catchy and unique. How did you decide the title of your book?

Thank you so much for your kind words. The story revolves around the mysterious girl that comes into the protagonist's dream. Thus, the title ‘The Girl in the Dream’ seems to fit in perfectly. The subtitle ‘A Love Story Planed 500 years ago’ was in my mind from the very beginning as the novel is a romantic thriller that connects two timelines.

Pravin Agarwal
Pravin Agarwal

Shivangi:- What response you’re getting from your readers? I have seen some good reviews on amazon and goodreads too. How do you enjoy this success?

The response from the readers has been overwhelming. I am highly grateful to all my readers for their continuous love and support. It motivates me to perform better.  

Shivangi:- What’s the genre of your book?

It’s a romantic thriller with a pinch of mythology in it. 

Shivangi:- How you choose the characters of your story. Kindly throw some light on this amalgamation.

I start writing a novel with a central idea and main characters.  As the story progresses, I induct more characters.  

Pravin Agarwal
Pravin Agarwal

Shivangi:- Tell us something about your reading habits.

I love reading thrillers. Mythology, romance and history are my favorite genre. Chetan Bhagat is my all-time favorite Indian author. I had read all his books. In mythology space, Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi and Vineet Vajpai are my favorites. They all are absolutely brilliant in their craft and one can learn a lot from them. I am highly grateful to them for giving us amazing books.

Shivangi:- Do you prefer any genre others for read/write?

Of course, I read a lot and can enjoy each and every genre. Philosophy, self-help, Sci-fi and the list goes on.

Shivangi:- Which is your favrouite classic? When can we expect your next work?

‘How to Stop worrying and start living’ by Dale Carnegie is my favorite classic. It is too early to say anything about my next work. Currently, I am completely focused on promoting ‘The Girl in the Dream’. I want it to reach as many readers as possible.

    Shivangi:- Which genre are you going to explore next?

If given a chance I want to write a historical thriller. I want to explore Indian history which is highly intriguing and rich.

Shivangi:- How do you feel this book can help the readers?

The book is entertaining throughout. It will definitely keep you hooked till the end with interesting twist and turns. Thrilling romance is the USP of the book. Also, there is lot you can learn from it about the life. Do give it a chance.

Shivangi:- What time do you prefer for writing?

Early morning is my preferred time for writing.

    Shivangi:- When did You think & begin writing?

I began writing in year 2017. I did not have much writing experience before that. My friend once mentioned me why don’t you write a book as you read so much. I didn’t take him seriously until my wife also praised me for my writing skills. I am highly grateful to my wife for motivating me to write.

Shivangi:- Tell us about your publisher? How was your experience with them?

Redgrab books is my Publisher and the experience has been very good. The publication house is based out of the holy city Prayagraj. They are doing a fabulous job of publishing high quality novels.

Shivangi:- How did you come up with the idea of writing a book & becoming an author?

My father wanted to write a book. So, I took it on me to write one for him. I am eternally grateful to him for giving me wings and so many dreams to fulfil.

Pravin Agarwal
Pravin Agarwal

Shivangi:- Please give any parting thoughts or piece of advice to our readers/ writers.

Don’t stick to one genre, keep exploring. If you are a non-fiction reader, then deliberately try fiction books and vice versa. Same to writers, try writing new genre which you haven’t explored earlier.

Shivangi:- Tell us something different about you or your life journey which is not related to the above questions.

I earned my Engineering Degree from Rajasthan University. I worked as Software professional in Tata Consultancy Services for eight years after which I joined Hexaware Technologies. I am a fitness enthusiast. I love travelling to new places beside reading and writing books.


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