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Author Interview - Pravin Agarwal

Authors Interview – Pravin Agarwal Shivangi:- First of all I would like to congratulate you. The title seems to be catchy and unique. How did you decide the title of your book? Thank you so much for your kind words. The story revolves around the mysterious girl that comes into the protagonist's dream. Thus, the title ‘The Girl in the Dream’ seems to fit in perfectly. The subtitle ‘A Love Story Planed 500 years ago’ was in my mind from the very beginning as the novel is a romantic thriller that connects two timelines. Pravin Agarwal Shivangi:- What response you’re getting from your readers? I have seen some good reviews on amazon and goodreads too. How do you enjoy this success? The response from the readers has been overwhelming. I am highly grateful to all my readers for their continuous love and support. It motivates me to perform better.   Shivangi:- What’s the genre of your book? It’s a romantic thriller with a pinch of mythology in it.  Shivangi:- How you choose