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Excerpt from the novel 'The Girl in the Dream'

Excerpt from the Novel 'The Girl in the Dream' Synopsis: The Girl in the Dream 2017, Los Angeles  - Vivaan, a NASA scientist has a strange recurring dream of a mysterious girl. His engagement with Riya turns into a nightmare when his dream starts turning into reality. He flies to Madhya Pradesh to find himself at the center of a 500-years-old enigma. 1500 AD, Kingdom of Ujjain  - Shrinika is heartbroken when she is betrayed by Rudra, the king of Ujjain. After the unfortunate incident, she mysteriously disappeared. 2017, Madhya Pradesh  - Dhiren, the evil son of the village sarpanch is in desperate search of the ancient Statue of Lord Shiva which is hidden somewhere in Shivgarh Fort and worth a billion dollars. 2011, MNIT Jaipur  - Rachit fall head over heels in love with Swara when he is asked to propose to her, as a ragging prank, by his seniors. What links Rachit and Swara to the complex puzzle of Vivaan’s dream?  What is the secret of the ancient Shiva temple?  Wha