Synopsis: The Girl in the Dream

THE GIRL IN THE DREAM (A Love Story Planed 500 years ago)

2017, Los Angeles
 - Vivaan, a NASA scientist has a strange recurring dream of a mysterious girl. His engagement with Riya turns into a nightmare when his dream starts turning into reality. He flies to Madhya Pradesh to find himself at the center of a 500-years-old enigma.

1500 AD, Kingdom of Ujjain - Shrinika is heartbroken when she is betrayed by Rudra, the king of Ujjain. After the unfortunate incident, she mysteriously disappeared.

2017, Madhya Pradesh
 - Dhiren, the evil son of the village sarpanch is in desperate search of the ancient Statue of Lord Shiva which is hidden somewhere in Shivgarh Fort and worth a billion dollars.

2011, MNIT Jaipur - Rachit fall head over heels in love with Swara when he is asked to propose to her, as a ragging prank, by his seniors.

What links Rachit and Swara to the complex puzzle of Vivaan's dream? What is the secret of the ancient Shiva temple? What connects Vivaan to Shrinika, the missing girl in the 16th century? Read on as you travel through a saga of love and passion, betrayal and conspiracy, hope and ambition.

"Enthralling and thrilling, a mix of romance, mystery, mythology and fantasy...The story has the visual effect of a screenplay...a magnum opus!"

"The novel is for all the readers who love reading modern Indian fiction that has meaning and enthusiasm, element and energy, style and class, modernism and traditional appeal."
Regular Books & Reviews 

"Full of mystery, thrill, entertainment, and unexpected turns...A nail-biting romantic thriller..."
Indian Book Critics

"Pravin has achieved quite big in terms of fiction's height in this novel. Reading the novel will be a very happening journey for the readers."
Book Reviews Web

"An engaging and exciting plot that keeps the readers glued to the novel throughout! It's a moving novel and the readers will never feel underwhelmed."
The Best Books

"It began with a surprise and continued to pack and offer me the surprises all the way. It will be interesting as well as exciting read for the readers."
Silent Book Reader

"The Girl in the Dream is a novel that has pace, interesting threads that connect the past and the present and a storyline that is impressive, compelling and also exciting for the readers all the time."

"Pravin Agarwal, the novelist who penned this beautiful story of lovers at present and lovers in the past, has done his extreme best."


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