Praise: The Girl in the Dream

Praise for The Girl in the Dream

‘It is a moving tale of love - love from the past and love at present - that presents to the readers everything in the right proportion. The Girl in the Dream keeps the readers guessing for what might come ahead in the storyline. A page-turner, this novel will keep the readers hooked till the end with its splendid storytelling and an enchanting dream that connects the present to the past. I am sure the frequent occurrence of the dream, Vivaan’s expressions for Riya but his hesitation at times, the scenes of experiencing the previous life 500 years ago… and many other things must visualise like a movie.’                 
                                                                                                     - Ashvamegh                                                                                                    
‘The Girl in the Dream is a novel that has pace, interesting threads that connect the past and the present and a storyline that is impressive, compelling and also exciting for the readers all the time. It is not a romantic novel that you can find almost by the alternate writers in India; this is something more than a casual romance - this is novel with serious elements of contemporary conjugal life and linked with a sorrowing story of the past that will impress the readers with its pathos.’
                                                                                                       - Indian Book Critics

‘The Girl in the Dream is all that a modern reader could wish for. It is romantically inclined but many things more than the usual romance of the day. It does not exhibit the general trend of physical pulls and pushes. It has a depth in the narrative that transition from the USA to India wonderfully. Pravin Agarwal, the novelist who penned this beautiful story of lovers at present and lovers in the past, has done his extreme best.’
                                                               - Gaurav Shashi (Regular Books & Reviews)

‘Pravin has achieved quite big in terms of fiction's height in this novel. It keeps the readers engaged and also excited for the next chapters to come. The main characters are linked in the present life as well as their past life by very interesting and thought-provoking scenarios and situations. Yes, this is predominantly a love story - as the subtitle further intensifies. However, what happens? Who loves whom? What is the link to the past - 500 years ago? There are many things that the readers will find in the course of their reading of the novel. The novel moves towards its conclusion very impactfully and the symbolism has been very apt according to the storyline.’ 
                                                                      - Rohan Kashyap (

‘The Girl in the Dream is a novel that will certainly create an impact upon the readers. It will give out a message that romantic writing without short-term explicit obscenity is very much possible if the author wants to achieve it. Pravin Agarwal has planned and penned the novel in a way that it does not let the readers get an entire idea of what comes in the very next chapter of the chapter being read. So, there is the element of suspense and also the element of surprise. In short, it's a moving novel and the readers will never feel underwhelmed.’
                                                                                                              - The Best Books

‘When I began reading this novel, it began with a surprise and continued to pack and offer me the surprises all the way. Usually, the novels in the mystery genre get overly predictable with the progress you make. However, The Girl in the Dream, with an interesting subtitle - a love story planned 500 years ago - is very different compared to other contemporary titles in this genre. Pravin Agarwal must have done his homework quite extensively and that's why he has done very well in the art of keeping his readers excitedly guessing for a good part of the novel.’
                                                                                  - Ashish Jha (Silent Book Reader)


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