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Synopsis: The Girl in the Dream

THE GIRL IN THE DREAM (A Love Story Planed 500 years ago) 2017, Los Angeles  - Vivaan, a NASA scientist has a strange recurring dream of a mysterious girl. His engagement with Riya turns into a nightmare when his dream starts turning into reality. He flies to Madhya Pradesh to find himself at the center of a 500-years-old enigma. 1500 AD, Kingdom of Ujjain  - Shrinika is heartbroken when she is betrayed by Rudra, the king of Ujjain. After the unfortunate incident, she mysteriously disappeared. 2017, Madhya Pradesh  - Dhiren, the evil son of the village sarpanch is in desperate search of the ancient Statue of Lord Shiva which is hidden somewhere in Shivgarh Fort and worth a billion dollars. 2011, MNIT Jaipur  - Rachit fall head over heels in love with Swara when he is asked to propose to her, as a ragging prank, by his seniors. What links Rachit and Swara to the complex puzzle of Vivaan's dream? What is the secret of the ancient Shiva temple? What connects Vivaan to Shri

Praise: The Girl in the Dream

Praise for The Girl in the Dream ‘It is a moving tale of love - love from the past and love at present - that presents to the readers everything in the right proportion. The Girl in the Dream keeps the readers guessing for what might come ahead in the storyline. A page-turner, this novel will keep the readers hooked till the end with its splendid storytelling and an enchanting dream that connects the present to the past. I am sure the frequent occurrence of the dream, Vivaan’s expressions for Riya but his hesitation at times, the scenes of experiencing the previous life 500 years ago… and many other things must visualise like a movie.’                                                                                                                        - Ashvamegh                                                                                                     ‘The Girl in the Dream is a novel that has pace, interesting threads that connect the past and the present and a

Excerpt from the Novel ‘The Girl in the Dream’

Excerpt from the Novel ‘The Girl in the Dream’ Chapter 1 Mission Mars “I Love you,” she said. Her voice was low but sensuous. A dazzling glow lit up her enticing face. Her cheeks turned pink as all the blood from her body had rushed to her face. “I Love you too,” Vivaan replied, he looked into her eyes and took her hand in his. Vivaan wasn’t sure how long they had been standing like that, looking into each other’s eyes, but he was aware that his heart had never beat so hard before. He felt like he had just run a marathon and all he could hear was the loud thudding of his heart. There was immense love in her magnetic eyes. The love which felt so right to him. Although Vivaan was taken aback by her sudden expression of love, the sincerity in her voice was enough to melt even stones and he was but a human being made of flesh and blood. Vivaan noticed that her hands were warm, and her heartbeat seemed fast too. He knew deep down in his heart th